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International Confectionery Corporation ROSHEN – one of the largest European manufacturers of confectionery products.  

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21 March 2014 ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation Statement about the situation at its enterprises in Russia

As it was previously informed on July 29, 2013 Rosspotrebnadsor banned import of confectionery products of ROSHEN  Corporation to the Russian Federation...

6 September 2013 ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation has opened its first Brand Store Bonbonetti in Europe

On September 5, 2013 a grand opening of ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation first brand store in Europe took place in Budapest.  Starting from 2012 ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation has been selling and also producing its confectionery products on the territory of the European Union under the TM Bonbonetti.  The production facilities are located...

2 September 2013 ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation operates openly and in the framework of the legislation

ROSHEN Corporation has been always leading its business within the framework of legislation and standards as of Ukrainian and of the overseas countries.   The company has strictly followed all legal requirements and regulations, which is proved by our long-standing impeccable reputation...

29 July 2013 ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation informs that any official notice on TM ROSHEN products import ban from the Federal Service has not been sent to the company

In response to the announcement of the Head of the Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance of the Russian Federation, Mr...

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